Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Sparkling Clean

Cleaning your bathroom is never a fun chore. But the more you avoid, the more of a chore becomes. Not to mention, your bathroom looks gross after a while. You can get your bathroom sparkling again with some of these super easy tips. 

Clean Your Toilet Brush Every Day

To maintain a sparkling bathroom, you need to have a clean toilet. Dirt, grime, and buildup can make your toilet brush less than spectacular. Clean your toilet brush after every use. Grab a bucket and fill it up with hot water. Add two to three cups of bleach and leave the toilet brush it in for up to an hour or so. Rinse it in hot water and it’ll look like new. 

Keep Up With Toilet Stains

You should clean your toilet regularly as well. Try to clean your toilet after every use. Vinegar is the perfect solution when it comes to removing stains in and around your toilet bowl. This natural acid is tough enough to get rid of stains. Dump three cups of vinegar in your toilet and clean with your toilet brush. 

It’s also a great solution to prevent stains. Dump two cups of vinegar to your toilet every month and just let it sit there. Borax is another great solution for getting rid of tough stains. But, you need to shut off the water supply before use. 

Apply the powder on the stains, clean your toilet as usual, and leave the solution on the stains for a half hour. Then turn it back on and flush your toilet. It should look sparkling again. 

Squeegee Your Shower Stall

You should also clean your shower and bathtub after every use. Use a squeegee to clean your shower and tub after you use it. If you keep this habit up, you’ll prevent bacterial and mildew from growing around your tub. 

Squeegee the floor of your shower to remove the dirt and bacteria that thrive there. You should also use a squeegee on your shower walls and glass doors if you own a glass shower. It’ll prevent calcium deposits and watermarks from forming. 

Remove Yellow Spots

Those pesky yellow spots around your shower, sinks, and bathtub can be removed with a solution of salt and turpentine. Use equal parts salt combined with equal parts turpentine. Wear rubber gloves when removing the yellow spots from your bathroom. This solution will remove the discoloration from water spots. Rinse the areas thoroughly with warm water. Properly ventilate your bathroom while cleaning since this solution is strong. 

Use Cream of Tartar

Combine cream of tartar with hydrogen peroxide to remove bathtub and shower stains. Use a small cup or a soap dish filled with cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide. Keep adding until it turns into a thick paste. Apply the solution to the stains and allow it to dry. As you remove the paste, you’ll notice the stain is gone too. 

Make Good Use of Your Shampoo

You know that shampoo that’s sitting in your shower? Not only does it clean your hair, but it cleans your bathroom as well. Do you want to quickly clean your bathroom before your guests arrive? Use your shampoo to clean soap scum. Rinse it off thoroughly with warm water. Use a buff or an electric spin scrubber to shine your faucets and fixtures. 

You should also focus on the bathroom floor. Getting on your hands and knees with an old rag is the best way to clean it. If that’s not an option for you, then use a mop and a floor solution to get it sparkling again. Make sure to remove the mats and rugs before you clean the floors and allow it to dry.