Your Garage Doesn’t Have To Be So Cold

If you’re lucky enough to have a garage as part of your household, you know how convenient it can be. It’s life changing, really. It provides a home for your cars where they are protected from the elements so that they can go longer between washes and generally last longer as they are protected from excessive corrosion. This is particularly evident for those that live in the northern states where salt is used heavily on the roads in winter. Salt leaves a white crust on your car that not only looks awful, but also can be damaging to your car’s exterior in the long run.

There is another huge benefit to having a garage though, and that is that you won’t have to go outside to get in your car when you’re on your way to work in the morning. Anyone who has been subjected to snow on a regular basis over the course of their lifetime will know how much of a luxury this can be. You won’t have to shovel snow to get to your car, and once you get there you won’t need to be bothered with wiping all of the accumulated snow away from the roof and the windshield.

There is one other benefit though, and that is that your garage provides a nice buffer from the outdoors that can take your mornings from miserable to bearable. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take that one step further? Imagine a world where your car was already warm in the morning when you went out to your garage, and you didn’t even have to start the engine five minutes early. Would you be surprised to hear that this is an overwhelmingly achievable reality?

If you are surprised, then you’re in for a treat because the fact is that your garage can be heated cheaply and effectively thanks to electric garage heaters. It’s surprising that these units have not been installed in more garages throughout the country. They are fairly inexpensive to purchase and install, and when you have them at your disposal on a cold winter they can truly be a godsend. Even top of the line products like those made by Profusion are only going to run a homeowner a couple hundred dollars before installation.

Many people are often concerned with the idea of heating their garage though, is it going to be a bit of a blow to their electric bill? The reality is that as long as your garage has been properly insulated it’s not going to be that bad. If it hasn’t been properly insulated then it should be, regardless of whether or not you’re installing a heater. Keep in mind that your home’s heating can seep through the walls in your garage and if it’s a complete cold sink then you’re going to be hitting your heating bill harder than necessary as it is.

So why haven’t garage heaters caught on more in the United States? Perhaps it’s just a matter of getting the word out, because it’s true that not many people know of them and truly understand how easy they are to install and use. If you’re thinking you might like your garage to be warm and toasty on your next frigid winter morning, consider making your day that much better with a little help from a garage heater.