Making Easy Enchiladas That Your Guests Will Love

Entertaining is always fun, especially when you have an easy dish to prepare that everyone will enjoy. Making something that is versatile that everyone is familiar with. Enchiladas fit that bill. You can make cheese, bean, chicken, shredded beef or ground beef. Enchiladas can be creamy, spicy, cheesy, dry, or saucy. The easiest recipes will be discussed here.

Choosing an easier recipe like will allow you to attend your party instead of cooking and serving the whole time. Easy prep will give you more time to decorate and clean before the guests arrive. Simple, easy, and affordable ingredients will also help you prepare a great dish to feed a lot of people. Enchiladas are made in a variety of ways so that you can prepare a few different types to accommodate everyone’s dietary needs. Whether it is a gluten intolerance or dairy, enchiladas are easy to make for customized diets. Also, customized to likes or dislikes as well. Personally, I don’t like tomatoes but I love enchilada sauce. So no fresh cut tomatoes on the dish for me. However, I love black olives so pile them on! Labeling each type you make will be very helpful when your friends are deciding what dish to choose from.

Basic preparation is to first choose what type of tortilla to use. Again with attending to people’s allergies and other dietary needs we will just talk about one type here today. The type of tortilla we will use for discussion purposes will be corn as that is the most common one used. We will need enough as a rule of thumb enough for each person to have three. So decide how many you need to buy. Remember you can always make these them a few days before the event and cook them the day of. Then choose the inside filling. You will in general need enchilada sauce, cheese, onion, salt and pepper, and vegetable oil. Make sure the filling is cooked thoroughly. Today we will just be making cheese enchiladas, however, if you are using a type of meat make sure it is cooked and place it in the center of the tortilla. Continuing, we will first slightly cook the tortillas in oil to soften them and then begin filling them with our chosen filling and line the pan with them. I will usually soften all my tortillas and stack them up and have all my ingredients ready to go for assembly.

I prepare the pans using some cooking spray and line the pans with parchment paper for easier clean up later. Then I start assembling them by dipping them into the enchilada sauce, placing a row of cheese (or whatever filling you chose), then rolling it up and placing it in the pan, seam side down, then repeating until the pan is full. Adding the rest of the enchilada sauce and more cheese on top and backing for about 35 minutes at 375 degrees for a nice crunchy top. Serve while still setting up a condiment bar so that your guests can select their own toppings will work out best for everyone.